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[overlapping dialogue] >> sean: tell obama to come on the show. will you do that? >> i will -- i will. okay. >> sean: greta's next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: brace yourself, it's happening in just nine and-a-half hour, former cia director david petraeus will take the oath and testify about benghazi. but he better have some good answers because lawmakers are not happy with hathey heard today and the benghazi hearings, well, some say they got ugly. >> what is clear is that this administration, including the president himself, has intentionally misinformed -- read that "lied" to the american people, in the aftermath of this tragedy. >> but it's pretty clear that ambassador rice misled congress and the american people about what happened. the question i have is was it intentional or did she not know what was going on? we don't know what the facts are because we have had so many different scenarios rolled out by the administration.
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>> where are the four american it's could their lives have been saved if there was a rapid response? we had assets in the region. why weren't those assets employed. >> sean. >> think about this -- we went into libya to protect libyans in benghazi. we couldn't go into benghazi to protect the mesh there is? >> if the acting cia director is going to say we didn't ask for help in the benghazi attack, what are the odds that petraeus is going to say, you know what? i was wrong about that video. this thing was due to al qaeda and it was a terror attack and we knew that at the moment it was happening. what are the odds he is going to say that? >> approximate ambassador rice had nothing to do with the benghazi coverup, why did the administration use her a mouth piece on five sunday talk shows. >> why do you send out to tell the american people what happened about benghazi a person who has nothing to do with benghazi? >> this is not simply a coverup
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of a third-rate burglaries. we have four of our diplomatic personnel dead. and it is not a mccarthy-era tactic to demand accountability and to demand tathe american people are not misinformed about it to the point that they don't know what the threat is. >> these unfair attacks on ambassador susan rice are simply wrong. she had to rely on the intelligence that was provided. ultimately state department personnel have to rely on the intelligence reports they are given. susan rice' integrity, capacity and record are beyond question. >> now, president... obamga has the call to float the name as possible secretary of state, the name of the person who was the actual vehicle used to misinform the american people during this crisis. >> greta: a new internal cia
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investigation of dave petraeus. a week ago, he resigned after the extra-marital affair with paula broadwell. but today, the sex scandal got weirder. jill kelley told a reporter she had breakfast at the white house on september 28. the claim has not been verified. john bolton is here. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: first, your overall thought about what transpired on capitol hill, in terms of the release behind closed doors today? >> well, i think the most interesting testimony that has leaked out -- do i have faith the rest of it will leak out in due course, is that the director of national intelligence and the acting cia director would not say where the talking points that susan rice used on those famous five sunday shows came from. so the notion that somehow or another, this was all supplied to her by the intelligence community, i think is now in question. the real is did the white house
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write the talking points to suit their ideology, to suit their political imperatives, where did all of that come from? and that, i think, is going to be the focus of a lot of the inquiry with director petraeus tomorrow. >> greta: one of the things that is curious to me, and i am total oat outside, but having tried cases. have you to keep secret. some things on capitol hill have to be secret because it's classified. but i have a view that things tend to get overclassified. that there is probably information we probably could have heard. how did the american people determine what is classified, left only to the sound judgment and members of congress? and how much are we not hearing that we have a right to hear? >> well, i think that the next step should be having these same hearings in public with whatever small amounts of stuff is legitimately classifiable, just kept out of the public domain.
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i am not troubled by closed hearings. but i think we will need to have these hearings out in the open. let's talk about substance for a minute. there is no evidence and never has been that what happened in benghazi was the result of a demonstration that got out of control. the people on the ground in benghazi, on september 11 never believed. it you don't need intelligence for that. you just therev to talk to u.s. government employees. so the disparity between the reality on the ground and the administration's story was stark from day one. i think you can talk about that in public. and you can find out who in the administration was involved and crafting the cover story. >> greta: there are a number of topics. i have outlined all the topics if i were the one doing the inquiry. i want to know, first of all, what was the cia doing there? what in the world is the cia doing, a rather large cia continge ebbsency --
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contingency. i would like to know about the cable, the explosion back in june. i would like to know why that was all unanswered. then we have the evens of 9/11. you know, what happened that night. then after 9/11, we have the sort of weird series of events, we have at the u.n. ambassador sent out. why she was sent out -- i don't know. she doesn't seem like the person to be sent out. certainly, she was the wrong person because she carried the party line, at least what i see about this business about the spontaneous protest, as well as the video. then you have general petraeus. he goes 9/14 with the same story. you have the president going on every entertainment -- exaggeration, he went on letterman and the view. that's weird. you have the problem with eligible petraeus and broadwell, the girlfriend. we don't finish that relationship poisoned how he did his job. how did she get classified documents. where did she get that and whether or not, you know, when did the affair begin, did it begin in the military, and did
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he lie about it? it's all done, presumably, so far, whined closed doors, but it was just one day, right? >> right. i think that's why senator mccain and graham and iiot have proposed the select committee. presumably, that would be in public. i think this is going to go on for quite sometime. i think people are kidding themselves if they think this is a flash in the pan. there is too much involved here and the administration's passist before, during and after the september 11 attack and frankly, the passist that they have displayed, once the petraeus broadwell affair was uncovered, is just inexapplicable. the notion that the president is prohibited from finding out what the fbi is doing, maybe somebody needs to read the constitution, the fbi is part of the department of yesterday. they actually work for the president. there is a lot here in the way the administration has handled this that i think warrants further investigation as well.
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>> greta: how do people who think this is an important topic -- or many important topics, how do they convince those who say, well, it's just political? how do they convince people that these things really matter in. >> the most important point is remembering that with four dead americans on september 11, other official americans and american private citizens throughout the middle-east remain at risk. until we fully understand as a nation what happened on september 11, we can't possibly take adequate steps or formulate policies to protect americans who might be at risk. i have never seen this as political. maybe that's just because i used to work in the state department and see the risk that -- that our people have all around the world. but the notion that you can passively wait for an internal state department review board or passively wait for an investigation this the cia
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director may be compromised to play out over weeks and months tdoesn't hold water. these are issues that effective leadership, real management in the executive branch addresses immediately to prevent further tragedies or loss of classified information. >> greta: time's up. i mean, really, this happened, four americans died and several people were injured, as well. is that that that argument that it's political, while the obama administration met with -- was successful in keeping it umped wraps, in terms there weren't in hearings on september 11 and election day. they got a pass. that didn't, you know, it doesn't affect the election in any way. now really is the time to find out what happened and i actually, i am appalled when people say it's political. this isn't -- this is a murder investigation. four dead bodies and we have some people saying, it's politics. >> well, i think it goes beyond that, too. i think now we have more than
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two months since the attack on the consulate in benghazi. and no retribution, no retaliation, no visible action by the united states against those who murdered four american citizens. now, maybe there is something the administration has in the works, one of the rare national security secrets they have been able to keep. but the signal in the middle-east and beyond is, you can kill americans with impunity. that is a lesson once learned, it is going to cause consequences that reverberate down the years. >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. developments behind closed doors on capitol hill. the cia showed lawmakers a video, not just any video. it was a video recorded by the security cameras at the consulate, during the attack in benghazi. it was graphic. at least one report is that it showed ambassador stevens being dragged out. we have the top democrat in the house intelligence committee here, nice to see you, sir. >> good evening.
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>> greta: first, whether this investigation -- is it political or is this a fair, legitimate inquiry? >> kionly say from our committee, the house select intelligence committee, we deal with classified information. we have to follow the facts. in the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of issues and a lot of media. chairman rogers and i made a decision not to be able until now to follow the facts. we had a hearing today that. hearing, in front of the committee, where we had the deputy director of the fbi, we had director of national intelligence clapper and the acting director, mike morel, of the cia and the state department and rambass dorkennedy. there were a lot of facts and timelines and there was a video. why the video was helpful, we could see firsthand, realtime, what the issues were, when the first attack occurred. from that perspective, the first attack looked more to be a situation that it was chaotic.
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it didn't seem to be command and control. we do know now there was a lot of extremists and al qaeda connections involved. the second attack at the annex was a lot more serious. that seemed to have command and control. you had people who knew how to use weaponry. they were able to shoot mortars and have a direct hit. so we know now that that was a serious situation. >> greta: i know you are getting a lot of email coz because you say it's more serious because the ambassador died in the first one, you say more serious, you mean more organized. >> more organized. in the first attack, we could see the looting and people without weapons and people who did have weapons and they set fire to the building. but the second attack seemed to be very well organized and we know that there were al qaeda affiliates there. we are investigating and making sure that we bring these individuals to justice. we have identified a lot of these -- >> greta: except, i tell what you is troubling. >> sure, a number of things.
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for one thick, we know on the videotape, at some point, the cia identified a tukneesian man, tracked going on turkey, stopped for bad papers and turned over to tunisia. that was in september. we got word that the fbi couldn't talk to that man. the administration made no phone call. the president made no phone call. the secretary of state made no phone call and 10 days ago, a south carolina u.s. senator grahaham made a phone call and got the fbi access. so there is a lot lacking in terms of seriousness of purpose. you are a former prosecutor. i defended cases. the president should have made a call to the tukneesian embassy that day and gotten access right away. >> i don't disagree. but i don't know the facts. but i know we have an aggressive investigation and we have people going to other countries. have you to work with the countries and identify where the individuals are. in one of the key areas is to find the people who are responsible and bring them to justice -- >> greta: let me give you another example. i don't mean to put out hot
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spot. >> no, that's all right. >> greta: the fbi and finally got into the consulate two weeks after the incident. and no doubt the scene was contaminated -- absolutely. that was in late september. on october 26, not the fbi, but foreign policy dot-com, a journalism group went in there on october 26 and found documents that the fbi never picked up. how do the american people feel any way secure that the fbi -- to have any seriousness of purpose in investigating? >> i have a lot of confidence in the fbi and the cia and i would match our investigators and on an international basis with any -- >> greta: but getting and match. but they aren't any good. >> libya was an open area. it reminded people of the wild west. we have people driving in open cars with machine guns. so, you know, it's a primitive area. it's a difficult area. after the attack occurred, we have to move our people out thereof. when the fbi got there, there
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was probably a lot of evidence they didn't get. but there is a lot of evidence that they have. i have confidence that they are tremendous investigators and they will do the job. but there will always be mistakes. >> greta: it is very hard eye mean, i mean, the fact that these four were killed and august 16, the cable in which they predicted how they were going to die and they talk about the fact that there are islamic militias and training camps and we can't defend a coordinated attack. on august 16, they sent that cable. the fbi, i think they have done a poor job of interviewing the tukneesian and gathering the documents. and the situation where the top guy in our intelligence community, the cia director is vn having an affair and the attorney general doesn't think that's penitentiary enough to tell his boss, the president, when this man is supposed to be in charge of our intelligence -- >> let me address that. the first thing -- i heard
7:16 pm
secretary or ambassador bolton talking about the giving information. we have to learn from our history. we knew that when 96on and watergate and the fbi were involved with hoover, that was political. so if it's a criminal investigation, it doesn't go to the administration -- >> greta: this is a national security -- >> well, let me get to that. the first thing, that started as an investigation involving cyber-harassment. that's how the investigation started. they didn't know who the players were or petraeus when the investigation started. when the fbi started the investigation, they went to the u.s. attorney's office in tampa, where this occurred, where the complaint came from. that's an issue with respect to the fbi. they are apolitical, i have a lot of confidence in director of the fbi, mueller. and they conducted investigations -- i was an investigative prosecutor, they get the facts and the data and the interviews. i can understand from the public's point of view that it looks political.
7:17 pm
i can understand where people would think that. i can only deal with the facts and data we have and the information i have. as far as i'm concerned, the deputy director came before our committee today, he said it was not political. they gave us a timeline on how they are conduct others the investigation and the investigation is going forwards -- it's really only day 1 on capitol hill, pretty much. >> right. we were out. now we are back in. the chairman of the committee and i, as far as i am sure, senator dianne feinstein and chandliss were briefed. and you talked about -- about gym petraeus, a very sad situation. but it was a serious situation. and you know, the fact that he did resign was penitentiary because of the fact -- >> greta: he got caught -- >> let me say why i think it's important. he was a very competent, qualified person. it's very upsetting for he, his family and his wife, especially, what is going on. but it can't be about one
7:18 pm
individual. and if in fact, he decided to stay or the president would not have accepted his resignation, it's more about him and this would have continued on, not about the mission of the cia, who i feel are as good as anybody in the world and what they do, getting information and protecting our country. >> greta: congressman rohrabacher, you are a friend of my husband. i love you. >> i am glad somebody loves us. >> greta: anyway, thank you. straight ahead, republican lawheadachers ripping into the obama administration. congressman rosh bacher saying is here next. find out how popular restaurants may cover rising health care costs. we don't think you will like this one. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> greta: congressman dana rohrabacher telling the affairs committee, saying this administration has died to the american and the arrogance and dishonesto is breathtaking. good evening. >> good evening. >> greta: you say they lied. what do you think they lied about? >> for six days after the attack and we just heard from a member of the intelligence committee who saw the film, they knew within hour, if not write away that this was an organized, harm armed hit job by al qaeda, probably. but an organized commanded effort to murder our people. yet for six days after that, they were telling the american people that this was movie rage. this was a crowd getting out of control in order -- and then they measuredded our ambassador,
7:23 pm
rather than al qaeda. and what does that do? that means, we are not worrying about radical islamic terrorism, instead we are worrying about a crowd, getting out of control. that was a lie. they knew it was a lie. they sent out ambassador rice. they knew that was not the truth. when you tell something that is not the truth to the american people, especially in the middle of a crisis, they shouldn't expect to get away with it and be forgiven. >> greta: there is something and can there are bits and pieces leaking out of closed hearings, i think in washington, there a tendence tow over-classify things so people are excluded when things don't have to all be classified, maybe some, but not all. apparently, what i am hearing is that the cia claims they had al qaeda in the talking points that went to the white house that were then fed to ambassador rice and she went to the talk shows and she didn't get the al qaeda talking points. somewhere along the road --
7:24 pm
>> that's baloney. the president himself was at the united nations, talking about movie rage. people throughout the administration were talking about movie rage, when they knew damn well or the white house and the cia knew damn well that this was an al qaeda attack, a terrorist attack, in fact, "60 minutes" sat on their interview with the president and tried to say was an islamic terrorist attack and he couldn't get the words out of his mouth -- there is something wrong when the president can't utter the words muslim terrorist attack,. >> greta: i was suggesting that someone at the white house set up ambassador right -- perhaps. i don't know for sure. but i can't believe that ambassador rice would make the decision toed which al qaeda -- >> i agree. >> greta: i think she was -- i think she got hung out to dry. >> i agree. this was not ambass durale rice was set up by the white house
7:25 pm
for whatever reason. and the president himself is right when he says, don't blame her. blame the president of the united states. but for him, then to utilize thor lie to the american people and then to nominate her or to float her nameaise possible secretary of state -- >> greta: i tell you where i do fault her, though, that's not asking more questions. because, you know, you know, even within a day or two, everyone pretty much suspected the terrorism. it had all the earmarks of it. i would have expected that she would follow through. remember secretary of state colin powell went before the united nations and he didn't ask very many questions and talked about the weapons of mass destruction that didn't turn up in iraq. so you know, i am suspicious of these government employees being set to talk and give a main to the american people that frankly, isn't so. >> i think there is every reason to worry about that, just because secretary powell had been put in the same spot,
7:26 pm
doesn't -- >> greta: should have asked questions. >> right. and doesn't excuse this president from sending out someone to lie in the middle of a crisis. if we cannot trust the president of the united states to not go out and intentionally mislead the american people. what were his motives? he just can't get people upset about radical islamic terrorism. what's this -- he doesn't want people to believe in that. >> greta: i go back to the whole thing. i keep thinking, there are four murdered and injured americans. i can tell you, if there were four murdered americans in this city that was unsolved, it would be on the front page of the washuar post, every single day -- >> what does the president call it -- bumps in the road? the president referred to these dead americans a as bump in the road to better relations with islam. the fact is, there are -- there is an element among muslims, not a majority, nowhere close to a
7:27 pm
majority of muslim, but there is a gliewp of muslims in the world who want to do us harm. we have to be aware of that if we are to defend against it. this president is trying to minimize it, make it go away, i want to know, i would like to know what the cia was doing there. you know, there was a huge contingency, i recognize the cia is an important function to keep us safe. but there are so many bizarre aspects to this, even the fact that the security seems not to be provided by the state department, but by the cia. i can't help but be suspicious. are we supplying weapons thot syrian rebels? are we collecting weapons from m the syrians? there is a lot -- there is a lot that is not told. i think it's reasonable to be suspicious. >> we need to be suspicious, we don't know what the things are. but we do know that there was a screw-up in terms of how we were going to defend our diplomats, obviously because they are dead.
7:28 pm
and we -- we have to -- the democrats tried to politicize this, claiming it was budget cuts by the republicans until, of course, the state department official who mede the decision went on and under sworn testimony said, budget considerations played none of that. but we have to know, also, what was the -- what happened during the attack? we heard the description of that. but we have to know why it is the president felt -- and when i said he lied, he intentionally misled the american people that it was a muslim terrorist who had done this! >> greta: simple question -- why didn't the obama administration call tunisia and say, let us talk to the person, the cia, caught on tape that day. i am going to take the last word on that one. nice to talk to you. coming up, beginning january 1, are you going to have to pay more for your denny's grand slam breakfast? that's next. also, we have congressman allen
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irksz raise workers hours or raise the price of pancakes, amongst rising health care costs. denny's in several states are involved. jerry willis is here. >> good evening. good to see you. >> greta: what's the story with
7:33 pm
this denny's owner? >> the story with the denny's owner, he is going to raise the prices to make up for the cost that he is having from obamacare. let me tell you, he is raising the prices 5%, 50 cents on a grand slam breakfast. but if i was him, i would raise them 25%. he estimates his increased costs could be as much as $70,000 per restaurant, were he to offer health care to everybody. small companies are gettingby h. even the cbo says we could lose up to 700,000 jobs because of obamacare, let me say had -- it says, should he lose $70,000 if he offers health care. is he already offer being health care? >> yes! [overlapping dialogue] >> only 250 employees. so he is not giving health care to everybody. it is costing $6,000 per employees. he is going to roll that back.
7:34 pm
you get rid of the health care for the employees you do have and he doesn't offer it to everybody, to you about some and you reduce the heurs, that's what he will do the employe full-time workers will go part time. he will get almost everybody down to 30 hours. fewer hours, lower pay and nobody gets coverage under their plan at his company. they're going to have to take it from carescpair that means taxpayers will pay it. the unintended consequences here are very big. >> greta: $6,000 now -- i am trying to figure out the differential between what it costs before and find out his real costs. an extra $6,000 per person? >> it's $6,000 now. pre-obamacare, $6,000. he is only covering 250 employees, probably the top management would be my guess. but the fine, the fee, the tax, if he doesn't provide coverage is $2,000 per worker. you do the math on that. his full-time employee, and you
7:35 pm
come up with $70,000 for -- per restaurant. these are denny's. here's the problem. we have seen a lot of players in the marketplace complain about this -- red lobster, lots of chains saying we can't afford it. their margins are narrow and they have lots of employees so they have a really big tab, even if they are not offering health care. that's the most annoying thing. you are want getting the company to offer health care and they have a big fine for it. i think a lot of people out there are really frustrated and the denny's employees are going to be really frustrated because they are going to have fewer hours. >> greta: and the restaurants are joining suit, do you know? >> lots of restaurants, we are hearing from a lot of them, carving back hours and they are -- they are slimming down the workforce, hiring fewer people. this is not good news for a really bad situation with employment in this country. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you.
7:36 pm
>> greta: you would think if you wanted to be the head of the senate budget committee, you would want to come up with a budget. one senator is applying for the job, but she can't commit to doing a budget. strange but true. but what does beef jerk veto do with national security? a lot more than you think. just in 2 minutes. it's a new day. if you're a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acnen women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include
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♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> greta: most republicans insist the defense department can't afford new spending cuts. but senator tom coburn disbreas, showing a report showing billions could be cut from pentagon spending, spending that has nothing to do with national security. here's some of the ways hayare wasting your money. first, the research project that created cafeign zone, an iphone app that tells people how it discal coffee break, $300,000 for a 50
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>> greta: senate in thees avoid passing a budget againful but first, marianne rafferty has the other headlines. >> thank, gret a. violence is escalating in the middle-east. israel ground forces are on the move toward the gaza strip. top officials giving the military the go ahead to mobilize. 30,000 troops could be called up for a possibleivation. mill tans in gaza have fired more than 200 rockets into the country, targing tel aviv.
7:42 pm
four people are dead and 17 more hurt after a train crash in west texas. the union pacific freight train colliding. carrying wounded veterans and their wifes to a benefit to honor war heroes. they don't know if the train crews saw the float approaching. now back to "on the record." >> greta: okay, listen to this one. democratic senator 58 murray will seek the job of senate budget committee chair. but get this -- she can be the commit to dog a budget. she wants the title, but does he want to do the job? doesn't the senate need somebody to come up with a budget or try since they haven't passed one since 2009 joining us are rick cline, the washington post, steve hayez. >> i think the bottoming chairman should try to pass a
7:43 pm
budget. it hasn't been achieved in a while. going with the optimistic feeling that we have a chance. the problem now is that people's attention is divided elsewhere, even on the fiscal matters. we have the looming fiscal cliff and the negotiations with the white house, so no one's really looking at the next year's budget. but clearly, the democrats, 55 votes -- at least try -- >> greta: at least try. >> the republicans are going to block t. guthroot -- go through the motions. i think that is the least you can expect from a budget committee and the budget process. >> greta: yeah -- >> a budget needs to be passed. i just read her whole quote. the white house and the leadership should come together on a solution to the budget that precludes a budget being written next week year, i have no idea. i have been there a week, nobody's -- everybody's saying, i have no idea. they have the meeting tomorrow with the president and the congressional leaders. they are going to start the conversation with the fiscal cliff. until that gets resolved, the
7:44 pm
armed services committee can't get an appropriations bill -- irvetion if they hadn't had months to campaign for their jobs, we cube would be ahead. >> this is a good contextual point. as the potential incoming budget chair, can you not at the least, commit to passing a budget? we haven't had one, it's been a hugeeral league cry for republicans in the senate and republicans more broadly. at the very least, if you are going to come in and chair the committee, you should be able to commit to passing a budget or working on a budget. everybody understands that that's a problem, beyond the immediate problem of the fiscal cliff, saw have to start to solve the long-term issues. >> greta: i don't know how we can figure how much we need unless we have a sense of a budget. and the if the republicans put one on the table in the house, which they have and the senate just put its in the pocket so we
7:45 pm
don't have one, it stops the conversation. i am not going to say-- the house republican may be a stupid idea. but we coordinate have a discussion without the senate having one. >> right. you have only half of the conversation. a lot of this, people say i have a family budget, it's so easy. the budget doesn't spend mones, it's a framework, the nation can operate fine without a budget. but there is a reason we have the process, by same token, because individual committees will try to authorize well beyond we can afford. you do need that in place. going to the session -- don't give up yet. >> the democrats could get a budget passed because they will have a 55-vote mairchlt. part of the hesitation before was that it was so much closeert and democrats were vulnerable and harry reid didn't want to put them on the record. you would think, at least, politically, they have a better opportunity, steve, general petraeus, first question you ask
7:46 pm
him. >> why did you give the briefing that you gave on september 14, where you in fact gave what was a backing of susan rice's -- the comments that susan rice made on september 16, when the vast bulk of the intelligence that huaccumulated and the reports from the cia on the ground in benghazi suggested, in fact that, this was a terror attack and we gu right away. >> greta: hypotheticalally, what excuse could anyone come up with on this that one? >> about petraeus? >> greta: how can -- how could petraeus defend them? i mean, in wild imaginations, what could be the excuse? >> it wasn't his briefing, it wasn't his talking points, primarily, he had a role in the process, but it wasn't developed by the cia. i think that's one potential thing we hear tomorrow from him -- >> greta: that's weak. >> trying. >> greta: and you have one? >> everyone who wants to talk to him in congress has talked to him. you know, they have all call
7:47 pm
hild to explain himself. perhaps, a valid question would be, your affair aside, were you at all distracted or did you take your eye off the ball on anything -- >> greta: he is going to say no. >> you never know. he is no longer in the job ii would like to talk to broadwell, most of all. >> wouldn't we all, i don't think she's coming here. >> maybe she should work for the cia. >> greta: almen west fights for re-election. he took big action today and there is more tomorrow. the latest from congressman west. that's next. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> greta: tomorrow congressman allen west is taking his battle for a recount to court. but today, he went straight to the secretary of state, in a letter to the secretary, west for congress, urging the secretary to examine the returns in port saint lucie county, where congressman west says there are vote count discrepancies. tef, your thought on the allen ed to allen west, probably a half our ago. i will say, my impression from talking to him, he truly believes he is going to win. he thinks there are enough discrepancies and enough challenges that he can make with the vote, within the context of what we know we are recounting, he can make a comeback. he didn't seem to me, in my
7:52 pm
brief chat with him, that he was putting on airs or trying to pretend he had something he didn't have. he thinks he will be in congress again. >> i went to see this race. i saw -- 15 house race this is cycle. this was the nastiest. and this was also the one where voters were so defiantly for or against allen west. i went to a pizza party during a debate, where oppons were booing him throughout the debate and a few days later, a seniors center in stewart, florida, there are lively old women, grasping at his huge forearms -- they love -- you either love him or you hate him. this was one of the nastiest races. it is no surprise to me that it is this close and that it could potentially flip. >> greta: it's amazing that we have another one in arizona, too. >> a couple still out there. this is one that you can predict it going in. allen west was not going to go
7:53 pm
quietly. he has his legal work cut out for him. it's so hard -- if you are not up on election night and a week later, it's very hard to flip. have you to find serious irregularities or have a huge share of the vote that isn't counted yet. but he is going to find it out. he is not going on let down itch there is one of five outstanding house races across the country, dan lungren in california, called for the democrat. you mentioned the mcsally raise in airs, another one in california, another one in north carolina, mathis and mia love race in utah to be called. and one other, giants remember. >> you almost got all five. you are showing off. >> you can see it, right. >> he hasn't conceded, but it's close enough that it hasn't been called. >> greta: quickly, we will show you a live picture of gaz aalmost 6:00 a.m., terrible
7:54 pm
things happening there. any thoughts, as we watch, we are all on pins and needles? >> it is pretty incredible. the israelis wanted to send a message to hamas, that they can pick off senior had mas leaders, the leaders of the militarization of hamas, over the past decade. they can pick off one leader after another after another and cripple the organization that way. that's what they intend to do. that's what they did. >> will it be a challenge for the obama administration, how to respond. the pictures coming in now, when have you civilians being hit, when you have israeli citizens being killed. it gets more and more difficult to say that this isn't an american problem. >> greta: the media's there and we hear the sirens and the shots, we hear the sirens in tel aviv. this is really -- that was a picture -- that's a picture of the video of the hamas chief getting killed in a car. >> reaction, democrat/republican -- u.s. stands with israel. we have to help them out. i think you are right, you can
7:55 pm
see a lot of that coming in the coming days with the administration, isn't at least verbally defiant in defending israel. >> greta: we have no idea what will happen in a couple of hours. things can quiet down. but where we have to face the dawn with the uncertainty. let's hope things are quieted down because there is a lot of danger in that part of the world. of course, israel is a good ally, it's a chronic problem for decades. thank you, gentlemen. coming up, could governor romney's plan keep us from going off the fiscal cliff? you will be surprised who thinks it might -- governor romney's plan. that's next. and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. where are democrats looking for ideas to avoid the fiscal cliff? >> turns out democrats are considering mitt romney's tax plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. yeah. three weeks ago obama was like mitt romney terrifies me. >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. go to tell us what you think about tonight's show, let us what you think about every issue. we'll see you tomorrow night right here, keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c..

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